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AVA Platinum

AVA Platinum Award for Audio

Bulldog Drummond

The Audio Adventure

The Classic Adventure Hero Comes to Audio
in An Exciting New 5-Hour Drama

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6 Audio CDs:
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HE'S BEEN CALLED the prototype for James Bond, the inspiration for Doc Savage, and the model for numerous pulp heroes.

He's BULLDOG DRUMMOND, wealthy World War I veteran who, "finding peace incredibly tedious, would welcome diversion. Crime, if of a humorous description, no objection. Excitement essential."

Bulldog Drummond

Here is a new full-cast audio version of the first installment in the long line of Bulldog Drummond action adventures by H.C. McNeile.

It pits Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond against super-villain Carl Peterson, who plots to take over England and turn it into a communist country.

Joining Drummond in the rousing adventure  the action stretches from France to Switzerland to England  are Drummond's five stalwart comrades, as well as Peterson's gang of international anarchists.

Along the way, Drummond finds love, but must resist the wiles of one of British literature's most infamous femmes fatales.

BULLDOG DRUMMOND stars pop music icon IAN WHITCOMB, and features a cast of Hollywood's top voice actors.

Produced in full dimensional stereo, this five-hour adventure is enhanced with extensive sound effects and complete period music score. Plus special bonus tracks!

Listen to producer Roger Rittner and stars Bentley Barlock and Robin Riker
on "Don't Touch That Dial!" (52 mins.)

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6 Audio CDs: US$ 19.98


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